Monday, November 30, 2015

Christmas Tree Trimmings Wreath

I started this blog with a very similar post on how to use left over Christmas Tree trimmings. Two years later I'm still trying to find new, creative ways to use them. This year I took the discarded Christmas tree branches and made my own wreath. Here's how I did it.

First I took an old wire clothes hanger and bent it into a circle with a pair of pliers, securing the ends.

Then I began placing the branches on the wire circle and tying them to the clothes hanger with green garden wire. I layered one in the front, one in the back, and staggered the branches.

I continued to add branches until I was satisfied with my wreath. I added a bow and hung with the attached hanger.

I am so thrilled with this wreath. It was so easy to make, but it looks like I bought it.