Monday, December 16, 2013

Ideas for discarded Christmas Tree branches

Don't throw away the branches cut off of the bottom of your Christmas tree, use them as extra greenery in your home. If you are like us, and still have the branches sitting in the garage, bring them out!! Here are a few ideas I'd like to share on how I used mine this year to "spruce up" my home this holiday season.

I arranged two branches in a simple vase. Then dressed it up with a sparkly ribbon I had and a matching ornament. You could also use some spray "frost" on the tips of the branches to add the illusion of snow, if you choose.

Here I made a spray by tying two branches with a ribbon around my banister and added a rustic ornament. You don't want to make these too big. Banisters are high traffic areas in a home and you don't want the arrangement to snag bulky winter sweaters.

Pair the tree branches with other greenery you might have, such as holly or cedar.  I mixed mine with some nandina clippings from a bush in my yard. Nandina leaves vary from light green to burgundy and produce bright red berries this time of year making them a perfect accent to evergreen.  I arranged these in a brandy snifter and placed on the sink in my guest bathroom.

I also added a sprig of nandina to my wreath on the front door. I purchased a simple wreath at the tree farm and added the bow I kept from last year. Although it took little effort, it will impress guests at your front door.

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