Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Upcycled Patchwork Jeans #2

Instead of throwing away your favorite pair of jeans when you get a hole in the knee, try patching them. A patch is not only functional, but can add character too.

For my patch I used a swatch I took from a darker pair of jeans. I swiped a pair of my sons jeans that had a broken zipper. I love the contrasting blues, however a different color printed fabric would look great as well.

 I turned my jeans inside out and traced the heart shape onto the fabric, then cut it out. 

I pinned the patch onto the wrong side of my jeans and started sewing. I used dark blue thread matching the color of the patch. 

 After I finished sewing in the patch, I scratched at the rough edges to create a distressed look. 

I love the way these turned out. It looks like I bought them this way. 

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