Sunday, January 26, 2014

"Teddy Beans"

We love our stuffed animals, but hate the space they take up. I wanted to figure out a way to keep them contained. I had seen organizing options like hammocks, but for my toddler, those kept them out of his reach and therefore unable to be played with. So, I designed my own.

The concept is simple. Its a bean bag chair, without the beans. Instead, you fill it with stuffed animals. Your teddy bears are the "beans".

I'm am not a seamstress at all, and I was able to do this. I chose a simple bean bag chair pattern; Simplicity #5105.

Instead of sewing the bottom seam as detailed in the instructions, I added a 20" zipper. The zipper easily allows my son to access his toys.

Even with meticulous stacking, our stuffed animals would always end up on the floor, scattered everywhere.

Success!!! Toys are off the floor and playroom is easier to keep clean and organized. 

The happy toddler on his new chair.

***If you would like to make the chair with contrasting designs on the panels like I have, you will need more fabric than the pattern calls for. Each panel needs about a yard of fabric so that you can ensure the design on the fabric will fall in the correct direction. I bought 3 yards of each fabric. There will be quite a bit of fabric left over when you do this. You may want to lay out the panels before you begin sewing, like I did, to plan out your overall look. I also paired the different fabrics on the two bottom panels as well.

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