Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Signs of fall

School is in session, nights are getting cooler and days are getting shorter. Signs that fall is on its way are everywhere. With the cooler weather, we've been busy in the yard cleaning it up and getting it ready for winter. One project we did recently was creating a miniature dry river bed. This one was hubby's idea to correct an erosion issue we have in one our our flower beds. This was very simple to do. We bought pond pebbles from Lowe's ($6), and dug out a shallow crevice from the splash block to where we wanted to water to flow. Then we added the stones. I am thrilled at the results. The light colored stones highlight the flower bed and adds character. I can't wait to see it with a dusting of snow this winter.

One of my favorite signs that fall is on its way is the garden spider. This little lady showed up in our yard a few weeks ago. We've had fun watching her spin her web and catch bugs. Her markings are so beautiful, I had to share this photo.

Spiders gets me in the mood for Halloween!!!! We love to celebrate Halloween around here by decorating our house and dressing up in crazy costumes. I have lots of ideas for Halloween to share, so please stay tuned......

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