Friday, October 10, 2014

A Monsterous Entry

We have been growing this archway for years and its finally big enough to have a little fun with. Trick or treaters may be nervous approaching our front door this Halloween. We decorated the bushes to our entryway into a scary green monster.

"Chomp Chomp" during the day
I started by hanging a set of glowing eyes in the bushes that form the archway. We purchased the eyes from a local Halloween shop for about $20.

I cut the teeth out of white foam sheets and hot glued them to a dowel rod.

I made them a little shorter than the dowel rod. This allowed it to easily hang from a branch under the archway.

I used the left over foam as a second row of teeth.

To bring the monster alive at night, we positioned a red flood light in front of him.

"Chomp Chop" at night
 I've gotten lots of compliments from the neighbors and several cars have slowed down as they drive by.  My son loves running through him and has named him "Chomp Chomp", but is hesitant to go under by himself. 


  1. Chomp chomp is awesome! My kids want a monster for our door! ~Lori